‘Keep Them Glued To Your Website! With Botcake!

‘Keep Them Glued To Your Website! With Botcake!

Get a 3D avatar AI chatbot by Botcake on your site and leave your competitors out in the cold by harnessing the power of conversation marketing and turn engaged visitors into customers.

Why You Should Use Chat Box On Your Website

Web analyses show that customers visit your site repeatedly to buy from you. Live chats can target customers by offering help and answering questions at the right time.

According to consumers, live chats are the most popular form of customer support on the web and one of the best for customer satisfaction. Of course, it is only as good as what you deliver (except Customer services). If your business would benefit from this, you should consider having a live chat on your website.

Consumers love and want the opportunity to use live chats and appreciate them. Live chats allow customers to communicate. The benefits of live chats is that you can actually increase your average order value and total sales and reduce your support costs. Chatbots can behave in a variety of ways to scale a company’s online efforts, from customer support to marketing and sales.

Using chatbots to respond to visitors automatically improves the user experience, improves conversions, builds brand loyalty, and improves conversion. Botcake can be customized to match your brand’s color scheme, and artificial intelligence ensures that human resources will be deployed when needed.

Are You Experiencing High Bounce Rate On Your Site?

website bounce rate

Let’s solve this problem today with Botcake Conversational Marketing, and your money will be with you, probably forever.

Botcake provides a human actor or 3D avatar positioned to present an essential message that your visitors should hear. The speaker sends your visitor the most meaningful marketing message, and it is up to you to change the appearance of your website to be more relevant to you.

BotCake offers human speakers in over 90 business niches, and an actor or actress records the final message. With this level of personalized communication, you can stay assured that you will minimize the abandon rate and increase your site’s engagements. Start today and guide your visitors to the desired results. You can greet visitors using a personalized message in the form of a photo, video, or even an SMS.

The Botcake speakers are budget-friendly, and offer excellent ROI and personalized, unique marketing messages, as well as a proven sales script to drive conversions.

Why Botcake?

  • Smart AI Chat Automation
  • Spokesperson & 3D Avatars
  • Award-Winning Digital Text-to-Speech Lip-Sync Technology
  • Instant Language Translation
  • Logo Mapping for Branding

Unlike phone messages, Botcake messaging is less formal to cater to your customers, and visitors react to pictures, gifs, videos, and emojis. Successful Botcake can be created in a variety of ways, from simple to complex, with a wide range of user-friendly options.

The aim is to increase site engagement and conversion by responding to fears, objections, and doubts that prevent visitors from converting.

Botcake provides an engaging and interactive platform to reassure and convince your visitors.

Your website will get more results from your existing traffic by directly talking to and interacting with your visitors. If you are using BotCake speaker chatbots, you will not want to stop, as you will see an immediate effect on conversions.

How To Start?

Getting started is easy. Click Here.

Regardless of the plan, we require you to start with the 15-Day free trial, so you can be sure our Chat Solution is a fit for your website and business. You’ll witness our technology working for you, and you won’t have to lift a finger or need to learn a thing.


The low, one-time setup fee is necessary because, unlike other chat services, we don’t make you learn our system and build your bots and chat flowcharts. We want our service to be convenient for you. We do it all for you. This, as you know, costs time and money. But you don’t pay the fee until you’ve completed your 15-day free trial, so you are sure this solution is right for your business.


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