13 Tips To Optimise Your Instagram & Improving Your Posts

13 Tips To Optimise Your Instagram & Improving Your Posts

Your business is ready to start using Instagram to boost sales and even find new employees. Yet, you are not sure of what you can do in order to make this even better for your company. How can you optimize your Instagram account to make sure that it is seen? Better yet, what type of posts should you ty to use on Instagram if you are trying to market your services or product? That is why we decided to make a guide for you to use to get you where you need to be when it comes to promoting your company on Instagram. These 9 steps are going to show you how to optimize your posts and your profile that way your brand is one that will be remembered.

1- Optimize Instagram Posts and Company Profile

Your handle or username is going to be an important part of your business profile. It is also going to be what a person would use in order to find you on Instagram. You need to make sure that the username is something that can be remembered and that it will be easily remembered. For instance, if your business is Acme Customized T-Shirts, you could create the username of Acme-Tees.

2- Choose The Right Business Username

The main goal is to make your Instagram following grow. You are going to need to make sure that your Instagram profile is public. This is what is going to make it easy for people to follow your company and keep up to date on new things.

3- Go Public

When it comes to the name section of Instagram. This is where you want to add the full name of your business. For instance, if your business is Acme Custom T-Shirts, then this is what needs to go under the name section. This is what will show up under your username in the search.

4- Add Your Business Name

Do not hesitate to add a link to the description section as it is going to make it easier for a follower to check out your website.

5- Link Up Your Bio

Whenever someone sees a great photo, they may want to know where it was taken at. Be sure to add a location to your posts.

6- Add That Location

If you are trying to connect with college students, then post things that are relevant to them. This helps to make sure that you are going to get more followers.

7- Post Only Inclusive and Relatable Content

Instagram is full of things to customize your posts. Use the filters, hashtags, links, and tags to your photos.

8- Customize Your Posts

If you do not like looking at blurry or pixelated photos, it most likely means that your followers do not either. Keep it high quality.

9- Only Use High-Quality Photos

If you want followers to take action, such as enter into a contest, then you need to call them to go and do it. Do not forget to use your links in the captions for these Calls to action.

10- Don’t Forget To Use Call to Action Links

If you want followers to take action, such as enter into a contest, then you need to call them to go and do it. Do not forget to use your links in the captions for these Calls to action.

11- Know The Types of Marketing Posts

This is a whole new area that we are going to cover. If you want to really start marketing, these post types are what you should try first. They can help you to gain followers. This list can help you to get an idea of what markets well on Instagram.

  • Customer-centric
  • Product-centric
  • Food
  • Motivational posts
  • Infield events/working photos
  • Employee-centric
  • Guest takeovers
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Boomerangs or videos

12- Use Instagram Stories

One thing that you can certainly take advantage of is Instagram stories. This was implemented in 2016, and it looks very similar to Snapchat. However, the more traditional versions allow you to create amazing and picture-perfect content for followers, but when you add a story, you are giving quick and cool moments without having to worry about if you are over posting. ?These stories are then hosted on a different part of the Instagram platform and while your feed will just show any traditional content, you will be able to see your stories located at the top of your feed. Traditional photos are about to be commented on and even liked, yet the stories cannot. Stories are viewed and there is not any feedback loop on just how much your followers will like the new format. These are just meant to be a quick snapshot of your company. The traditional posts are much more refined. Stories are meant to show fun content to your followers while the more traditional posts are about creating quality posts.

13- Use #Hashtags

If you are looking to grow your following, then you need to know that hashtags are an important thing. When you correctly use a hashtag that is relevant to your content, brand, and goals, then it will help to generate your images and then associate them with any trending topic. ?Your brand identity will go along with a hashtag that you have created just for your business. There are a lot of brands that use their own name as a hashtag, so you can use your username or company as a branded hashtag. For instance, if your company is Acme T-Shirt Company, you can create a hashtag that looks like this: #AcmeTeeCo or #AcmeTees. This helps to make sure that your brand is known and it is unique enough that it will be relevant to your company and not overlap with other companies out there. ?After you have picked a hashtag to use for your brand you will want to ask yourself if it is gaining popularity, is it being used, and is it gaining you, followers? There are some third-party apps that will show you just how popular your hashtag is, and you can compare them to other trending hashtags of other companies as well. Whether you are looking to launch a brand-new product, generate attention to your brand, or just build up some momentum with your customers, Instagram can help you to do that. The hashtags, traditional posts, and even stories can show consumers just what you and your company are all about.


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