Using Twitter For Business

Using Twitter For Business

For various types of businesses and entrepreneurs, Twitter can be a useful tool. It can be utilized for; effective marketing, building a cordial relationship with a vast customer base, and even a customer care tool.

For businesses looking to generate a good amount of traffic to their site, sharing vital content on Twitter can be of great assistance, which can help turn leads and visitors into full-time customers. Businesses around the world are already taking advantage of social media, most especially Twitter, and you shouldn’t be left out too.

The following are some of the comparative advantages of using Twitter for your business;

  • Help to generate leads, as well as turn those leads to customers.
  • Create awareness for events like product lunch or discount sales
  • Develop cordial relationships with customers and media outlets
  • Monitor your business progression with your competitors

This guide wants to teach you how to use Twitter for your business, so you can reap some fantastic benefits and gain a competitive advantage over your business contemporaries. Let’s get started.

Create and optimize your business profile

The first question you need to ask yourself is, why are you on Twitter? What do you want your followers and potential visitors to see and know about you? Answering the above questions will help create your profile to fit your purpose.

Your profile should tell people who you are, what you do, and more importantly, why they should follow you.

Make your profile easy to connect with 

As soon as your Twitter account is active, ensure you create an avenue to gain followers. To do is, place a link to your Twitter account on your other social media pages, blog, and website.

Most businesses place their social media handles on every page of their website, giving more exposure. You can even add your Twitter link as part of your email signature.

Create a content strategy to work with your Twitter strategy

You can generate leads, expand your number of followers, and propel your business to the next level via Twitter. One way you can do all of that is by creating valuable content that your followers will cherish and even share with their friends. By creating and sharing useful content, you will gain the admiration of your followers.

The content must be quality, relevant, and very useful. That way, you will have your followers coming for more in no time. Contents could be; webinars, instructional videos, listicles, and so on. You can backlink all of these to your website, or blog, or even your email list.

Don’t just look to sell; looking to connect.

The essential part of generating leads on Twitter is by posting different content types that help you connect better with your audience and are not just centered on driving sales up.

You see, it is important to connect with your followers first, allow them to interact with you and your tweets via mentions, retweets, likes, and shares, before bringing up the sales part. If your audience doesn’t know how you can be helpful or don’t see that you are an authority in your niche, how can they trust your product or recommend it? So strike a balance between content that is centered on making a sale and those centered on connecting with your audience.

Your tweets should be more than text.

Twitter restricts the number of characters in a tweet to just 280 characters. However, this doesn’t limit you to what you can do to make your tweet more eye-catching to your followers.

Accentuate your tweets using Gifs, videos, vines, and images. You can create specific pictures or videos to fit your tweets. Spend time creating a stock of them so you can make use of them later on. You can make use of media content in one out of every three of your tweets. This will help with users’ engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

Go big with Twitter advertising.

Advertising on Twitter is not only a fabulous avenue to share your content with a whole new set of people; it also places you in front of the right prospects. The truth is that the client that you need is on Twitter, but they do not know about you and are not even following your page. Customer acquisition is as important as customer retention. You always want to expand your reach and get in touch with new prospects as much as you can. This is why using Twitter ads via Twitter’s promoted tweet is very important.

Use Twitter’s promoted tweet to create awareness for a new product or even an upcoming event. Promoted tweets reach out to far more people than your ordinary tweet can reach. Maximize the opportunity that Twitter ads give you by making use of it. What’s more, you can target your prospects using keywords, interests, and device/platform.

Track your performance using analytics

Your goals, aims, objectives, and targets will determine what you want and do not want to measure. Determine the metrics that are vital to you and select the measurement platform to work with. There is an analytics platform that Twitter has. It shows your follower’s growth, tweet engagement, and a whole host of other things.

Many other analytic tools provide you with the same features as above and much more. Look out for what fits your needs.

Final thoughts

For various types of businesses and organizations, Twitter can be a very beneficial and useful tool. It can be utilized for; effective marketing, building a cordial relationship with a vast customer base, and even a customer care tool. Take advantage of the opportunities and advantages Twitter provides today.


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