Online marketing strategies 8 Killer Internet Marketing Strategy Tips

Online marketing strategies 8 Killer Internet Marketing Strategy Tips

1- Use A Good Shopping Cart

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento

These four carts are really good from a perspective of SEO, design, and paid search. So running paid ads, even on social media. It has everything you need to scale your business. It also has a support team to back you up when you need help. Check out one of those cards if you don’t already have one.

2- Make Sure You Have Schema Markup On Your Product Pages

What this means is when somebody searches on Google, right there in the Google search page, before they even go to your website, they’re going to see what Google calls product rich cards, which is going to show your product image and some information right there on the search page. This is going to give you an advantage over your competitors and make you a little more visible organically to people as they’re searching on things like Google.

Here’s a quick tip.

If you just Google search “schema markup testing tool”, it’ll take you to a testing tool. You can just put your product page URL in there, and it’ll tell you if you have the proper schema markup or not. If not, there’s some warnings with some tips there on how to make sure you add that. But if you use one of those carts, BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce, they typically have good schema markup out the gate, and so you can just kind of build upon that.

3- Optimize Your Product Feed Via Google Merchant Center

Google shopping Marketing Strategies

Google Merchant Center is what you’re going to use to run Google Shopping ads, which we’ll get to later, but the product feed is hugely important. You’re going to want to make sure you have good information in there, with regards to your product title, the description, the keywords, those sorts of things so that you’re showing up when people are searching on Google shopping when you’re running your ads. You don’t want to be not in the game when somebody’s looking for your product because your product speed is not very well optimized.

4- Run Google Shopping Ads

Video Marketing Strategies

Google Shopping is very, very popular. People go to Google and they’ll search something like pink shoes, they’ll click the shopping tab, those are all ads. So if you want to be in that shopping tab, which I highly recommend. You’re going to want to make sure that you are running Google Shopping ads. So invest in running product ads. Here’s a tip optimize your product ads based on results. So if you have eCommerce tracking setup, you can see the revenue generated from each product. You can really see your ROI per product, on your product ads. What you want to do is that time goes by, turn off the ads that aren’t doing as well, the products that aren’t doing as well, and increase the budget on the products that are doing well. This is going to really increase your return on investment over time.

5- Run Dynamic Retargeting Campaigns Off Your Google Shopping Ads And Your Website Visitors

retargeting Marketing Strategies

So that people that go to your website and they browse maybe to three products as they’re surfing the internet after that on the Google Display Network – which is thousands of websites online – they’re going to see banner ads for your brand actually showing the specific products that they looked at.

So it’s very, very relevant. This stays top of mind and it kind of just wears them down until they are ready to buy those products. They click it and they purchase on your website. Also, you can run retargeting on Facebook and Instagram as well. So if somebody comes to your site, they look around and they don’t do anything that night when they’re on Facebook, kind of looking through their feed, all of a sudden they’ll see an ad for your brand. This is bringing you back to the top of their minds. They’re like, hey, I didn’t have time earlier to put my credit card in there because I was getting interrupted, but hey, I do right now on this commercial that’s on TV, so I’m going to buy right now. So by doing retargeting in a dynamic way, they’re going to bring a lot more sales back to your business.

6- Make Sure That You’re Running Facebook And Instagram Ads

social Marketing Strategies

These are huge channels today. People are on Facebook all the time, so you’re going to want to target people on Facebook. And the targeting is so intense that you can get right in front of the person that would be perfect for your product. For example, let’s say, that you sell gymnastics equipment to kids, maybe the girls in particular.

You could actually target mothers that make over forty thousand dollars a year that have daughters that are in gymnastics. How targeted is that? If these mothers see these ads, they can afford it right? They’re making enough money to afford it. They have daughters in gymnastics. It just only makes sense.

They’re going to like your product and they’re going to understand your brand, and they’re going to eventually buy from you. So make sure you take advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads. Those two channels are big breadwinners for e-commerce stores today.

7- Invest In Your Social Media Organically

SEO Strategies

Whether you need to do this yourself or hire somebody or hire another company, you need to make sure you have an organic presence on social media. What that means is you’re posting content, you’re engaging on social media. So not paid ads, but just being involved, being a part of social media today. By doing this, this is going to be building your brand following organically. So eventually you have 11,000 followers, 110,000 followers. The more followers you have as you’re posting content, building this awareness, the you’re only going to get more sales.

8- Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing Strategies

Email marketing is hugely important. A lot of e-commerce stores fall short, because they spend a lot of money to get that customer, to make that first purchase. But they don’t remarket to those people via email marketing, and other channels, to get them to come back and make future purchases. If you could just get each of your customers to make one more purchase, than they normally do, think about what that does to your revenue. So with email marketing, it allows us an automated way to make that happen. For example, you could set up an automated campaign for holiday. You just set this up at the beginning of the year for the whole year, with promotions on all these different holidays that automatically get sent to all of your past customers. So that’s one example.

Conclusively, there are many other forms of marketing strategies, that you can actually use in getting more sales, like: investing in SMS marketing, the use of CRM and creating a customer care package that you send with all your product purchases to the customer. But we are going to draw the curtain here. Thanks for reading and I hope you put all the strategies we listed above to practice. And I bet you will make more sales more than ever before.


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